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If they matter to you, they matter to us
If they matter to you, they matter to us

Let us show your friends and family how we can help make a difference in their financial future.

For every direct referral, enjoy a standard referral benefit of 8% on their initial deposit and 5% on their 2nd and 3rd deposits, paid after 5 days of trading.

Refer your friends and family

Explore our Indirect Referral Affiliate Program:

- Earn 2% on the first deposit made by each indirect referral, up to the 5th person, paid after 5 trading days.
- Receive a 2% profit every month from each link of your indirect referral up to the 10th person, payable every last Friday of the month.
Indirect earnings begin when they reach 5 people, capped at 10 for each referred person.
Example Scenarios:
Direct Referral Example:
With 20 direct referrals trading $1000 each, earn a weekly profit of USD 400.
Indirect Referral Example:
With a total of 32 indirect referrals, each with a $1000 balance, earn a monthly profit of $640.

Note: An individual can own various affiliate Packages
Note: When your referrals are compounding your profit is also compounded and will be payable at the end of the compounding window.
Join our Premier Affiliate Program and let your connections pave the way for consistent and substantial earnings.